Will be available in Q4 2014.









Bulletrain has always been about what we like. And we like lots of things... Each one of us likes different bands and have different interests but when we're in the same room, all our differences unite us as a group and in some wierd way we get along without stepping on each others toes. The music we create sprouts from our love for real music. Not this new thing going on with everyone being a musician as long as you have got a computer. 

We've had ups and downs. But, it has all payed off and here we are. Stronger, hungrier and more honest than ever before. Patience has been our companion for a long time, but now it's our turn to hit the big stages. Because we love what we do, and after all, it's The only thing we know how to do. So get on the train and hold on to something, 'cause there ain't no stopping us now.